1)    Please call 802-497-1774 or email Harbor View Self Storage at info@harborviewselfstorage.com 2-4 weeks prior to move-out date to inform management of your intention to move-out of your unit.  *Please note: rent is NOT pro-rated for your move-out month.

2)    Management will mark you as "move out pending" but you will NOT be officially moved-out (auto-payment stopped) until you notify management (in writing via email) that you have:

  • a)    Moved out of unit 100% (taken all of your things and disposed of any large trash off site)
  • b)    Broom swept unit
  • c)     Returned key card to key card drop box

i)      Suite 4: located next to elevator on Level 1

ii)    Suite 2: located on wall to the right of the door (as you walk in)

iii)  Suite 3A: located on wall between dock doors (first floor)

iv)  Suite 3B: located next to office on Level 2 (second floor)